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Dr. Arlie J. Stops is a proven professional in education and management who has spent over twenty years working in an education career that allowed him to help others get what they wanted. He has always worked for a university or college in upper management and has helped many people successfully navigate the many roadblocks that get in the way of personal success.

For more than twenty years he has helped hundreds of students from elementary school to graduate students achieve their goals. He believes in “looking forward” and avoiding obstacles to success. But when obstacles arise, he believes in overcoming them and not giving up. “Losing against the challenges of life is not an option,” says Dr. Stops. Dr. Stops can help you overcome some of the challenges in your life.

Dr. Stops was born in Fort Worth, Texas and attended elementary school in Dallas, Texas. As a teen he lived on the Crow Reservation in Montana. He received his BA in English from the University of Montana, a MA in Education at New Mexico State University and his Doctorate in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has four successful children. (well, the fourth is 12 but she is on the honor roll each year). As an accomplished speaker and motivator, he has presented to groups, both small and large, across the nation. Throughout his career in higher education he has held strongly to the belief that people can overcome adversity to lead successful lives.

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