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Then you have arrived at the right website to get the help you know you need and want! If anger is negatively impacting your life, whether by your actions or that of others toward you, Dr. Arlie J. Stops can assist you through his anger management classes.

Some may say that ANGER is just showing your human side. Well, anger is a human emotion and response. However many of us have trouble managing our angry feelings. We use anger to express our negative feelings such as fear, rage, unhappiness, discontent, depression, …and more. Since anger is a learned response, we may have observed that individuals often gain attention, control and influence when they get angry. You can “unlearn” the above behaviors and recondition yourself. Dr. Arlie J. Stops can help you through his anger management classes. He can help you identify and control your own anger.

Stops and Associates is a provider of certified anger management class using the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management curriculum, the most widely used model in the world.

Classes are led by Dr. Arlie J. Stops and are offered weekly at a site near you..

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
Email: Dr.Stops@StopsandAssociates.com

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